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- Please log in wbaduk.com and enter the 'MatchServer' on time.
- If do not enter to the 'MatchServer' within 10 minutes after the game starts, the player will lose by time.
- Must use zoom (the room of zoom will be notified on the 'MatchServer' chatting window).
- Euro (Do not need to attend the opening and closing ceremonies)
대국실 입장하기
2021-08-14(Sat) Preliminary Round 1(KST 21:00)
Preliminary Round 2(KST 23:00)
2021-08-15(Sun) Preliminary Round 3(KST 21:00)
2021-08-21(Sat) Semi-finals(KST 19:00)  
2021-08-22(Sun) Final(KST 19:00)  
2021-08-28(Sat) (Closing ceremony)