Asia Preliminary Round notice
등록일 2021-08-15 오후 2:39:07
*You are advised to test logining the MatchServer of WBaduk before the match. The MatchServer will be open at KST 12:00 pm. (2021-08-17 tue)*

1. Select the "MatchServer" on the server list.

2. Click login button after typing your ID and password.

3. Participant's hand with mouse and the monitor screen must be shown through the Zoom screen.

4. You need to be quite during the game. If you make noise, it might disturb other participants.

5. If you need any help, please contact administrator or referee by Zoom chat or Wbaduk chat.

6. If you don't enter the MatchServer in 10 minutes after the match starts, you will forfelt the game.

7. If your opponent doesn't show up in 10 minutes, you will receive the message that you win.

8. After you finish your match, you can come back to Zoom and Wbaduk MatchServer when the next round starts.

9. Round 1 starts at KST 20:00 pm. (2021-08-17)
Round 2 starts at KST 22:00 pm. (2021-08-17)
Round 3 starts at KST 20:00 pm. (2021-08-18)
Round 4 starts at KST 22:00 pm. (2021-08-18)

10. If you have any questions about the rule, you can refer to the website

*I wish that all participants enjoy the game and get good results on the event!!!*
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