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2021 World Online Youth Mind Sports Fair - Baduk

[Opening] August 14th 2021(Sat)
[World Preliminary Fair] Asia Preliminary Rounds August 17th(Tues) ~ August 18th(Wed)
[World Final] Aug 21st 2021(Sat) ~ Aug 22nd 2021(Sun)
[Closing] Aug 28th 2021(Sat)

Place : [World Preliminary Fair] Online WBADUK(www.wbaduk.com)

Participation : School children(Home Schooler inclusive) and prep school children with certificates from respective national baduk association.


Sections Qualification Note
Collegiate(over 20) College Student
(Enrolled Student & Student on a leave of absence)
1998.01.01. ~ 2002.12.31.
Secondary School(Over 14) Middle&High School Students 2003.01.01. ~ 2008.12.31.
Primary School Major Primary School 4Dan or above 2009.01.01. ~ 2014.12.31.
Primary School Dan Holders Primary School 1-3Dan 2009.01.01. ~ 2014.12.31.
1st-2nd Years(8~9 year olds) 1Kyu or below 2013.01.01. ~ 2014.12.31.
(preschoolers can attend. after 2015.01.01.)
3rd-4th Years(10~11 year olds) 1Kyu or below 2011.01.01. ~ 2012.12.31.
5th-6th Years(12~13 year olds) 1Kyu or below 2009.01.01. ~ 2010.12.31.


Application Period : July 19th 2021(Mon) ~ August 6th(Fri)

Application Method : Visit the website www.mindsports.or.kr and submit the filled out application form
■ When filling out the application form, have to attach the face photo(wearing a hat or mask is not permitted), so please have it in advance

Match Regulations
[World Preliminary Fair]
Swiss League 4 Rounds(Computer Drawing)
(The competition is over if there’s only one victor by the end of round 3. If there are more than two victors by the end of round 4, the winner is decided by the score calculation)
■ Asia Preliminary Rounds : Time limit 10 min 30 sec 3 times / Concession 6.5
■ Each division's champion is qualified to participate in the World Tournament Fair.
■ World Fair Preliminary Round Participants are supposed to write the member ID of www.wbaduk.com in the application form.

[World Fair Tournament]
Tournament(Draing is done by the host) Time limit 30 min 20 secs 3 times / 6.5 Concession

[Tournament Process]
■ Connect to www.wbaduk.com then Select “Match Server” and log in.
Players will automatically be moved to match rooms once on the server (do not create game rooms)
■ Connect to the Zoom (by tablet, pad, smartphone, etc.)
Enter the Zoom room by using the provided meeting room’s ID(connection must be kept during the match)

Match Schedule
[World Preliminary Fair] Korea Time Standard
  Asia Preliminary Round
  8/17(Tues) 8/18(Wed)
Preliminary Round 1 20:00  
Preliminary Round 2 22:00  
Preliminary Round 3   20:00
Preliminary Round 4   22:00
■ Match time could vary by the match playing status.

[World Tournament Fair] Korea Time Based

  8/21 (Sat) 8/22 (Sun)
Tournament Semi-Final Final
7pm 7pm
■ Schedule and time could vary in case of a match between foreign players (due to time difference)
■ Each division’s semifinalists get the certificates and prizes

- no redemption may be given to personal mistake such as mouse mis-click and non-designation of dead stones.
- up to 3 reconnections after a loss of connection is allowed in(In cases of bad connections organizer's decision is final)
- Wins by default if opponent does not connect 10 minutes after the game starts
- Winners by defaults must receive confirmation message before logging out
- Mobile Devices (eg. Tablets, smart phones) are not allowed, only PCs can be used.
- In order to prevent cheating(eg. play by proxy, use of AI) all players must show themselves playing live by connecting to Zoom. Player's own image, PC screen and player's hand must be shown on Zoom.

[Exemplary posture when shooting ZOOM]

- Future participation and awards will be prohibited if a player is found to have cheated(eg. play by proxy, use of AI)
- Any appeal about a game and/or the opponent can be made within 10minutes of the game ending.
(An appeal can be made by sending a message to the organizer)
- Others are followed by KBF match rules.

Inquiry : kaba@kbaduk.or.kr

Host : Korea Chess Federation
Organizer : Korea Chess Federation
Sponsor : Korea Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Korea Sports Promotion Foundation, Gangwon-do, Pyeongchang-gun
Cooperation : Gangneung Yeongdong University, Korea Baduk Federation, Korea Creative Puzzle Association,

[Precautions for using Zoom]

1. Enter the meeting room with the player’s real name
2. When entering the meeting room with the smart phone, set the silence mode and adjust the media volume high
3. If there’s a call during the game, refuse or ignore the call. If you get the call, the player’s screen video transmission will be stopped, which leads to disqualification.(including tablet, other electronics)
4. Smart phone airplane mode is prohibited (ZOOM meeting room connection is not possible)
5. The audio needs to be turned on during the game all the time. (Microphone, Headphone, Earphone are prohibited)
6. The guardian’s talking during the game is prohibited. Please make sure silence is kept
7. In case of backlight, the screen is not shown. It’s prohibited to block the screen, not being able to check the player’s face. In this case, it’s disqualification, so please be-careful.
8. The player is not allowed to get out of the Zoom from the beginning of the match to the end. Please leave the Zoom after the match and reenter the Zoom in advance before the next match starts
9. For adjusting my screen to the appropriate pose, press the small picture to appear ‘my screen’ big
10. Imaginery background screen is not used in the ZOOM meeting room.

Appropriate Set-up